• Hemet San Jacinto Lodge

    July 30th, 2015
    Welcome to the Hemet San Jacinto Masonic Lodge. We are excited to be serving our local community in the San Jacinto / Hemet area.

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  • New Lodge Website

    August 1st, 2015
    Welcome to our new website for the Hemet San Jacinto Lodge. Please take some time to browse through it and give us your feedback. We will be updating the site with new material, content and features. Please check back soon and often!
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Hemet San Jacinto Lodge Fostering our Masonic values in our community

California Masonic membership is open to men age 18 or older who meet the qualifications and standards of character and reputation, and who believe in a Supreme Being.
Men of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome. One of Masonry's traditions is that we do not solicit members. Men must seek membership on their own initiative. To become a member, a man must be recommended by two members of a local Masonic lodge and file a petition through that lodge. After submitting the petition, the applicant then meets with a committee to discuss Freemasonry and learn more about the organization. If the interview is favorable, the petition is presented to the lodge for a vote. If the vote is affirmative, the individual receives the Entered Apprentice degree - the first degree of Freemasonry. Once a man has completed the next two degrees, he is a Master Mason and a full member of the fraternity. The fees for degrees range from $150 to $200. Annual dues are set by the individual lodge and are usually between $12 and $100. To locate a lodge, use the Lodge Locator on freemason.org or contact the Grand Lodge of California at 800/831-8170.