• Hemet San Jacinto Lodge

    July 30th, 2015
    Welcome to the Hemet San Jacinto Masonic Lodge. We are excited to be serving our local community in the San Jacinto / Hemet area.

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  • New Lodge Website

    August 1st, 2015
    Welcome to our new website for the Hemet San Jacinto Lodge. Please take some time to browse through it and give us your feedback. We will be updating the site with new material, content and features. Please check back soon and often!
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Hemet San Jacinto Lodge Fostering our Masonic values in our community

Masonic Travelers site launches

Masonic Travelers


October 2008 - After much anticipation the Masonic Travelers (collective members from various blue lodges that will be sharing their adventures and travels to other Lodges, Masonic brothers or locations online) have launched their site.  The project began with an idea from our very own Fred McCubbin (Wolfman) from Coachella Lodge 476.

" I am going to use this great communication tool to share with the world, especially our local area, the wonders, the fun and the adventures we have when we travel together.  Often I run into young men who ask about Freemasonry and are curious what it is all about, especially the ones that have read negative or strange "disinformation" found on the Internet.  This is my tool to show them once and for all through the eyes of newly obligated members what they see and feel.  Think of this as a reality life show but for Freemasons.  At the same time we will also visit with brethren that have been members of this great organization and fraternity for over 50 years and share their stories about what they have done in their life related to Freemasonry and how it has touched or affected them.  What better way to show the world what we are about and the fun we have together visiting other lodges while we tend to our work of charity" says Fred with passion for his work.

We were told by the crew that the best way to support this great project (since it is a non-commercial and not for profit) is to visit the site and register with a user account.  The more we get the word out and get people to sign up at the site the more it will demonstrate that the boys at Masonic Travelers are on the right track and doing something beneficial to Freemasonry.  So go sign up today and show them support.